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Profile of the book GEETA in ACTION

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Authored by an eminent Personality Developer, Group Capital O.P. Sharma, the book ‘Gita-in-Action’ provides step by step direction for self-growth with central focus on a Whole man Model who is physically enduring, intellectually enlightened, emotionally mature, aesthetically developed, morally sound and spiritually inclined. The thrust is on self-development for being useful to oneself; to one’s family; to one’s society; to one’s organization; to one’s country and to the entire world. The essence is to perform worldly duties enthusiastically according to respective positions in life without concerning for the result with an eye on universal welfare. Keep working; Result will follow, is the Mantra that the book Gita-in-Action proclaims. Written in a simple, direct, lucid reader friendly and scholarly manner, the credo in Gita-in-Action is two dimensional. The self-empowering concepts are “self is the cause and self is the effect” and “we are created in the image of God”. The undercurrent throughout the text is Karmyog which has been interpreted as an integrated strategy for success, leading to the sublime bliss of self-realization.


Preface/ Background/ Select Text/ We are created in the image of God/Self is the cause and Self is the effect/ Why does the executive Self behave the way it does / Empowering Self for Success/ Coping with Stress/ Leadership by Example/ TQM-S/ Intellectual renewal for role effectiveness/ Epilogue


Gita-in-Action is the product of my life – time endeavor of personal experiencing of God-Realization in my total work profile – individual, personal, organizational. I always thought; felt; lived in the frame in tune with – work is worship so as to do every time my very best. Giving model of motivation has been my inheritance from the parents. Blessed as I am! This adequately got reinforced through education and training as I went along. The work –culture both in and out provided enough strength to keep working all the time with single – minded focus on quality of work and never on the result. Infect my younger son- in-law siva, in his communications often talks of my Mantra “keep working. Result will follow. The truth is that Self is the case and Self is the effect and that all of us are in the mould of goodliness have been the foundation pillars of my work philosophy.

I occasionally share the bliss of proximity with him. I will not know if this has to do something with He and Me having been born and grown in and around Mathura. I always refer to krsn as my friend .  during my school days I reformed the role of krsn in krsn Leela and later as ram is the traditional ramleela for five years. I as well enjoyed his bliss in my meditations. Lately while scribbling notes for the present volume in my study at janakpuri of krsn Repeatedly in his typical charioteer role with hoofing sounds of the horses and chariot. This is realty sharing. As I grew as a self- made, my family helped me in pursing my silent I spiritual discovery. My wife Nirmal successfully created and sustained highly spiritual and intellectually vibrated home – environment for absolute peace and prosperity. She gifted to the family two ‘whole man ‘model daughters vandoo and Archoo, who brought to the family like ‘whole man’ model sons –in- law sunil and siva. They all stirred and accelerated the process of my discovery of self. Their contribution has been immense. The blessed grand children saiboo and ushee often heighten the intellectual  thrill with meaningful interpolations. Two instances I must quote. Saiboo, 7 on witnessing an assertive altercation between me and Nirmal concerningly walked to me and advising me to gift a acchha ‘acchha lagega  Nani ko card ‘ that she made herself in quick time said NANA ! Listen ! you must give a loving message to Nani that you love her. Both of you should not fight ‘ The  massage I received will and obeyed promptly. During our recent visit to puttaparthy I had the occasion to go through yet another assertive encounter. This time with my younger son-in-low  siva Ushee 6 when all was quiet, innocently purred NANA krodh buddhi bhrast kar deta hai na meaning thereby anger pollutes intelligence. I received his admonition indulgently. All this augurs well for all of us.

The year 2000 has been highly rewarding. I must mention two recollections that concern  the maturation of this publication. One is at the behest of vandoo and the other at the behest of Archoo I was not finding enough time the reach some worthwhile satage in the preparatory  work on the script. Vandoo was to visit Annamalai for her postgraduate studies in counseling for three weeks I seized the opportunity and accompanied her taking much needed break from my professional commitments, utilized the time for completing the reading as well first draft of the script. All courtesy van doo. This was in Feb. 2000. Things slowed down to nick up in sept. 2000. It was be courtesy Archoo at Hydrabad. Archoo picked up her job as scientist at Hyderabad after her Ph d. I had to visit her place for two sojourns in Sept and Dec 2000. With computer facility at home and with assistance from her and Siva  I successfully completed the final draft ready for print. How wonderful !

Before I close the text for the preface a word about my concept of god. This is better summed up in a poetic composition of mine that was originally  written in Hindi. Its English version is reproduced below:-



His age

His complexion

His dress

One head

Fore head

Two hands – fore hands –eight hands

Where does he live?

What does he eat?

What does he drink?

What does he do?

When does he sleep?

When does he get up?

Which school does he go?

What does he speak in?

What do I call him

Father – Mother – Friend – Madam

Innocently three- year old Saiba enquired from her maa

Maa got stumped ‘Do your home work ‘was the intervention

‘I will tell you later ‘Maa puzzled

Saiba slept

Maa checked back with pa the solution to the Godly riddle

Serious discussion

Face saver

One solution

See god in your image

God is as you wish him look like

Your choice

Maa pa slept self-fulfilled

First thing first

Saiba got up and same question

Maa replied

God is like me like pa like you

Call him father – Mother- Friend – Sir –Madam

See Him here – there –everywhere

Now – Then

Beyond time and space

God is in every thing

In your work

In my work

In papa’s work

In their work

In all work

Always and ever

God is as you like him

God is like you

Know god as you wish him to be

Saiba two years old grand daughter

This is the essence of Gita. It proclaims to everybody ‘perform your worldly duties enthusiastically according to your respective positions in life for the universal good without concerning yourself with the results with a self identifying vision. ‘ This is the divine calling.  All work is his work. I dedicate the work Gita – in- Action ‘ to Him – my friend Krsn. While doing so I must acknowledge the excellent laser typesetting by Mr. Manmohan of compugrafix, New Delhi and ready acceptance of publishing commitment of work by Mr.Katiyal of university Book house New Delhi. I will not be able to thank them enough.

15 Apr, 2001                                                                                                   Group Captain OP Sharma         

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