Case Studies

Case Studies

Sleep Deprivation and Alzheimer disease

Notwithstanding your research findings, as a behavioral scientist i recall a typical case study of forgetfulness emerging in a young female employee of mine due to sleep related issues despite due medical care. She would not recall even the facts that were two days old and would greatly rely on computer data recovery mode for day today working. I had advised her to take to spiritual therapy in as much as not to continue on the bed when in disturbed sleep and take to meditation for a while say for ten minutes. This repeat therapy worked and gradually there was discernible change in her work profile more particularly in her recall capacity. She is now married and mother of a bouncing baba with all happiness around. Two Ms -Medicine and Meditation. work well when gelled up suitably. Prof Gp Capt OP Sharma President Omni Health Foundation

Sleep deprivation and Alzheimer disease

The Berkeley researchers concluded that study “participants with the highest levels of beta-amyloid in the medial frontal cortex had the poorest quality of sleep and, consequently, performed worst on the memory test the following morning, with some forgetting more than half of the information they had memorized the previous day,” the Futurity article said. According to one of the researchers, higher amounts of beta-amyloid in certain parts of the brain mean less deep sleep and worse memory function, and less deep sleep decreases the ability to clean out the protein. The researchers are not sure whether the bad sleep or the bad protein comes first, and they will be studying a new group of older adults to find out during the next five years. »

Poor sleep—particularly a deficit of deep, restorative slumber—is a channel through which the beta-amyloid protein believed to trigger Alzheimer’s disease attacks the brain’s long-term memory. “Our findings reveal a new pathway through which Alzheimer’s disease may cause memory decline later in life,” says Matthew Walker professor of neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sleep Could Be Brain Cleanse against Alzheimer’s•Poor sleep may cause the beta-amyloid protein to trigger Alzheimer’s disease by attacking the brain’s long-term memory, but sleeplessness can be treated through exercise, behavioral therapy and even electrical stimulation that amplifies brain waves…

Jean Plante

“A genetic study of over 173,000 individuals has confirmed that the TREM2 amino-acid-substitution mutation R47H increases the risk of Alzheimer disease (AD) in people of European descent. The results, published in Alzheimers & Dementia, suggest the mutation contributes through tau dysfunction.


several studies have reported the TREM2 R47H mutation to be a risk factor for AD, but the magnitude of this mutation’s role in AD and other neurodegenerative diseases has been far from clear. “The effect size estimates varied widely across datasets,” says lead author Christina Lill. “We aimed to derive a r…”

omprakash sharma

Notwithstanding your research findings ,as a behavioral scientist i recall a typical case study of forgetfulness emerging in a young female employee of mine due to sleep related issues despite due medical care. She would not recall even the facts that were two days old and would greatly rely on computer data recovery mode for day today working. I had advised her to take to spiritual therapy in as much as not to continue on the bed when in disturbed sleep and take to meditation for a while say for ten minutes. This repeat therapy worked and gradually there was discernible change in her work profile more particularly in her recall capacity. She is now married and mother of a bouncing baba with all happiness around. Two Ms -Medicine and well when gelled up suitably. Prof Gp Capt OP Sharma President Omni Health Foundation

Case for Spiritual Fellowship

In my bid to discover my real self through the scientific process of enlightenment in tune with ‘Aham Brahmasmi ’ meaning thereby ‘I AM GOD after prolonged purposeful detachment and meditational practice . the realisation dawned on me that I am essentially divine and God is within me .Elated I decided to visit the temple in my neighbourhood and as I was to enter a voice haunted me saying ‘Who are you?’Innocently I replied as to who I was- Prof Gp Capt OP Sharma and that I have realised God .’ The voice within thundered,’Go away! My temple is too small to accommodate us both.’ Disappointed I returned home for reflection on the experience of not finding God in my real self. Then I composed the following poem with the title ‘Know Thyself ’

Know Thyself
Know thyself, thy form is rare
That even Gods cannot dare
Thou art Lord, internalize
Know it so and then realize
This life rich in resource
Plenty and full of force
All attainable for the divine
Thou art lord all is thine
Why do you delude all at pleasure
All is Atman and at your leisure
Thou art master and not the slave
Be wise and not the naive
Thou art lord command the mind
Control the senses not to bind
Self is the friend and self is the foe
All a matter of discrimination or else woe
Think judge and act right
Know feel and do right
Listen to your soul it murmurs
As when any wrong occurs
Search the soul for self-correction
It whispers at every self-dereliction
Energize to feel divine
Know thyself all is thine

Having done my homework with regard to self inquiry I decided to repeat my visit to the same temple. Same revelation. As I stepped into the temple the voice from within as if sourcing from the interior of the temple asked me same question as before ‘Who are you? The prompt response from me this time was ‘ ‘I am you, none other than you . The door opened. I entered and became one with the presiding deity, in deep meditation. It was further revealed that ‘I am in all and all are in me.There is inherent bond of being child of the same father.‘The voice further commanded’ keep doing what ever u are doing .Help people to live life with dignity. I left the temple with realization that God is in all .HE is in me as much HE is in yoy- Tat Twam Asi . I am thoroughly conscious of His all-pervading existence and thrilled at this ever anew joy in the stupendous drama of tune with the ‘Sarvamiti Vasudev’ . And then I wrote extensively on my own adventures in the field of spirituality with central focus on intellectual renewal for all for their respective role effectiveness in enabling others to live life with dignity. I call it living life kingsize. The idea of God sitting in a distant heaven somewhere on a throne does not engage my mind – if he is there, all right, I do not mind; but I like him to be with me. GOD IS PURE ENERGY WITHIN us Have you seen God? Do we know his name? There are gods in every religion. But the God I know is pure energy. Strange calling him all energy. But this is what it is. Lord Krishna in Geeta, states all creatures in this world have soul, and this soul is indestructible and forever lasting, Science confirms all energy is also indestructible and everlasting. It can only be transferred from one place to another. Like energy the soul cannot be destroyed but can be transferred from one body to another. Our whole existence depends on energy. This ENERGY IS SOUL and is part of absolute energy- God. This implies that the GOD IS THE ULTIMATE SOURCE. He is everywhere and in everything and so is energy. The vast energy that we see in the universe is transferred through soul into our body that has changing forms and names. This Energy is God. All names given to God through incarnations in different religions are the physical forms and names of that vast energy persisting in the universe. That energy is as well persisting in us. We are the part of God. We should understand that God , is thus in us , with us , around us. God is pure Energy within us.Realization is to found only in inner calmness. God loves inner calmness. Calmness is the altar and sanctuary of the Father. The great reservoir of love is right here, within your soul and surrounding you in every direction. The bliss of contact with God never grows stale; He is eternal joy .Is there any person in the universe who does not want joy? ………. Yes I felt closure to my fellow men, too in my solitude for it is not physical solitude that actually separates one from other men, not physical isolation; but spiritual isolation…In pursuit of peace —Review your thoughts –Give yourself away –Take a hike –Use music to sooth –Employ the therapy of laughter – Appreciate beauty – Do not expect perfection from self -Live one day at a time – Practice the art of taking a break – Eliminate the negative………He who clings to the divine is bound to be healed …The supreme power may be invoked by continuous faith and unceasing prayer……Dogmatic thinking and abdication of rationality in its innumerable forms is a great obstacle in spiritual fellowship which is a necessity for human advancement . Reason therefore need be braided with norms deciding which ends and means are correct for universal well-being. All thinkers have been stressing on rationality. Think-judge- act is the sequence and not Act –Judge -think . Intellectual enlightenment clubbed with other attributes of emotional maturity and moral soundness in a holistic profile accounts for rationality for total well being .It seems the man, however has exceeded the bounds of his rationality and caused irreparable damage to self, family, community and world. There is urgency for paradigm shift to re-culture the mind in a transcendental frame within the realms of ethics and values. Later I conceptualized the process and put it in print form and noe in electronic form as well. I HAVE PUBLISHED 14 BOOKS ON ALL RELATED ASPECTS ;\LATEST BEING ‘Science of Soul’Currently I am the Directotr General of Maharishi University of Information Trchnology and other instirutions of Maharishi Group. Besides I run a NGO with the name and title Omni Health Foundation.The contents are available at our web Here is brief insight for spiritual fellowship First my poem titled ‘Ode to Spirituality’

Ode to Spirituality
Voluntary deprivation
All lead to Spirituality
When on march
Wisdom oriented contemplation
Devotional commitment
Dutiful conduct
Facilitate whole march of
A lone traveler
Goes along
Physical endurance
Emotional Maturity
Intellectual Enlightenment
Aesthetic bloom
Moral soundless and
Spiritual Inclination
Keep watch on A-B-C Attitude Behaviour Character
With fine tuning for call from
World and
God, the Creator
The upward spiral moves on
To learn
To commit
To do
The mantra is
Doing better than the best
Now and always
Keep working
Result follow
Lead by example as TOM-S Total Quality Management of – Self
And then meet success.
Face to Face
Ecstatic and
Never Ending
Happiness in spiritual fellowship.

Now the three processes

Gyanmay Chintan – Intellectual Contemptation. The stepping stone for initiating into the spiritual fellowship is knowledge oriented contemplation. The process is focused to acquire wisdom. Two logical assumptions are : we are in the image of God. The realization of Godliness in self is an ennobling and enabling concept to reinforce the individual will for doing anything and everything effectively – to be the winner. This instills the attitude ‘I can….’ The second assumption is that we look for similar godliness in other individuals irrespective of any distinction. This means that the individual self is so expanded as to include the selves of others. The unifying godliness in all fosters universal brotherhood and ultimate spiritual fellowship. The wisdom capsule will include the strategy to manage six basic obstacles in the march on road to spirituality. These steep breakers are Lust; Anger; Attachment; Greed, Ego; Jealousy. These worldly mores have both positive and negative overtones. We need to reinforce the positive and ward off the negative. To learn, to commit, to do is the corner stone for the process of knowledge oriented contemplation. Listening; reflection and experiencing are the integral of the process of contemplation. All this will lead to live as a TQM-S. Total Quality Management of Self .The consciousness gradually tries to free itself and tries to know itself by itself; thus changed itself into self consciousness. The spiritual self, identified with various degrees and sorts of bodily and mental states, tries gradually and naturally to return itself through itself. The spiritual self adopts to rise above the trammels of the body and mind. The spiritual self returns to its lost condition through natural development of thought process. More deeply the man engages in thought process, more he may be said to be utilizing this method. In thought we rise above the body. This is attainment of true wisdom through recollectedness and discrimination such as constantly reminding oneself ‘I am not the body …. I am the spirit….’ This is Gyan Yoga

Bhaktimay Bhav : Devotional Commitment ; Devotional Commitment refers to emotional affiliations with reference to the set objectives / people/ situations. Two integral components are love and service. First we need to love ourself; we need to serve ourselves and then through expansion of ourselves to include other selves, we need to love them and serve them. Individual, family, neighbour, society, country, the world and the god are natural claiment of our love and service. Dedication is the behavioural objective of devotional commitment. The true manifestation of devotional commitment is in ‘Service to man is service to God’. Love reinforces trust. It enriches the sense of belongingness. It sustains the morale of the individual as well as the group – others. Non conditionality is the corner stone of love. It is giving and not taking. Caring and sharing is the behavioural manifestation of love. Lust transcends in love. Caring for all creation is the highest form of devotional commitment. Love leads to sacrifice. Sacrifice result in service. We proceed to selfless centredness from self centredness. This aids in purifying the throught process. Service leads to action and love ensures endearing strategies in translating devotional commitment in thoughts-deeds- words. Surrendering one’s ego – the sense of ‘I’ and mindness is the stepping stone for devotional commitment. This is enhanced through dignified living with a focus on giving and giving excellently. This elevates spiritual fellowship. The methodology consists in the attempt to fix our attention on one object of thought, rather than on different series of thoughts. Under devotional method we included all forms of worship. The spiritual self should fix its attention deeply and revently on the object of frame of reference of whatever the thought of a personal God or of an impersonal omnipresence. Gradually the spiritual self gets time and oportunity to think of itself in itself when we pray evernestly, we forget all bodily sensations and drive away all introding thoughts that try to engage our attention. This is Bhakti-yog.

Karmay Vyavhar : Dutiful Conduct ; In consideration of diversified roles and individual commitment, the actual performance as a duty is designed as Dutiful conduct. Togetherness and tolerance as reflected in behavioural manifestation of adjustability is the essence of Dutiful conduct. Two other manifestation of such conduct are doing better than one’s best and work for work sake non indulgently. There is a need to be duty conscious and having done that one need to work persistently, effectively, without any anxiety for te result. The result are not the concern. ‘Keep working. Result will follow’ is the success mantra. Quality shall never suffer. The formula for excellence in performance is quantity, quality, cost effectiveness and time. Optimisation of output is the result oriented performance. “I will work” whether someone sees me or not’ and I will work, whether some asks me or not’, are two guiding principles for dutiful conduct. The work proficiency is called yoga – the union of self – individual with the work – the calls from God, nature, man, situation.

Case Study on Clinical Update

Self Pity is largely attributable to slow or no recovery from emergency health crisis

Recently we in OHF experienced emergency caused on account of BELLS PALSY for which no specific cause could be traced till today as confirmed by medical research findings. Nevertheless the emergency arose for Systolic BP rising to 190. And Sugar 197 .The individual 77 had been on medication for type 2 diabetes and hypertension with Envass 2.5 mg BD and Metformin 500mg BD for about ten years The emergency window in the hospital was availed with routine and specialised tests applied including CT scan. The patient remained absolutely calm and composed in reflective mood to discover the self cause for the emergency focussing on emotional maturity. Intellectual enlightenment and spiritual inclination invoking medication and meditation in actualisation of inherent divinity in his potentiality with no symptom of ‘Self –Pity’ what so ever externally or internally. The finding of tests and its validation by specialists through second opinion confirmed the emergency to be a typical case of BELLS PALSY The matter is one week old and the patient is well on absolute original state of health. The medication was over in five days and routine preventive measures continue as usual. The envass 2.5 mg is replaced by Perindopril 4mg BD. Losartan 2.5 mg additionally prescribed for OD medication. The analysis reveals the following practices for integrative prognosis and action as is repeatedly advocated through these pages of OHF web.

1. Take emergency as one of the occurrences with unruffled frame of reference absolutely cool/calm/composed with no sense of self pity- why me etc

2 Work for second opinion in quick time and so for lab and other tests from second outlet for validation before taking on the medication.

3. Continue self analysis to discover self cause with intellectual contemplation and spiritual therapy.

4 Read as much as possible including consultation with family/relations. Friends to know all about the diagnosis and the prescribed medication.

5. Keep vigil on even small symptoms with regular testing for sugar and blood pressure as well as lipid profile at regular intervals.

6. Supplement medication with organic foods like cinnamon and flaxseeds.

7. Stretch yourself to follow your routine including physical exercise /walks with care and caution in consultation with your physician.

8. Keep your dear and near ones updated about your health to eliminate worry and anxiety on their part as their anxiety and worry will impact you directly in consonance with divine law of vibration. Positive vibrations must flow from you to them and in return from them to you. Constant/continuous/comprehensive communication is the soul of healing touch.

9. Be selective in having a person of understanding and service orientation as health companion and or attendant for support. Health companion with empathetic yet assertive frame is as important as other support systems both personal and professional.

10. Take the emergency with all its alerts as divine intervention who is more caring for your own self. Keep counting your blessings now and always! More

Bell’s palsy is a form of facial dysfunction using an inability to control facial muscles on the affected side. Several conditions may cause such facial dysfunction though no specific cause can be identified for this condition known as Bell’s palsy. Named after Scottish anatomist Charles Bell, who first described it, Bell’s palsy is the most common acute dysfunction involving only one nerve and is the most common cause of acute facial nerve disability. Bell’s palsy is defined as an idiopathic unilateral facial nerve paralysis, usually self-limiting. The hallmark of this condition is a rapid onset of partial or complete facial paralysis that often occurs overnight. It can occur bilaterally resulting in total facial paralysis. It is thought that an inflammatory condition leads to swelling of the facial nerve. The nerve travels through the skull in a narrow bone canal beneath the ear. Nerve swelling and compression in the narrow bone canal are thought to lead to nerve inhibition, damage or death. Often the eye in the affected side cannot be closed. The eye must be protected from drying up, or the cornea may be permanently damaged resulting in impaired vision. In some cases denture wearers experience some discomfort.

Can facial nerve problems be prevented?

At one time it was thought that exposure to cold air or a strong wind were predisposing factors leading to idiopathic facial nerve palsy (Bell’s palsy); we now know that these ideas were incorrect. As the majority of causes for idiopathic facial nerve problems are unknown, it is difficult to predict with any accuracy specific items to avoid. Choosing a healthy lifestyle to decrease the risk of diabetes, cancer, or infection may help prevent some cases of facial nerve palsy.

What are symptoms of a facial nerve problem?

The problems may result in facial muscle paralysis/weakness, or twitching of the face. Dryness of the eye or the mouth, alteration of taste on the affected side, or even excessive tearing or salivation can be seen as well. However, the finding of one of these symptoms does not necessarily imply a specific facial nerve problem; the physician needs to make a careful investigation in order to make a precise diagnosis. Symptoms of a facial nerve problem can vary in severity depending upon the extent of the injury to the nerve. Symptoms may range from mild twitching to full paralysis of the muscles on one side of the face.

What conditions affect the facial nerve?

There are numerous causes of facial nerve disorder:*Trauma such as birth trauma, skull base fractures, facial injuries, middle ear injuries, or surgical trauma & Nervous system disease including stroke involving the brain stem*Infection of the ear or face, or herpes zoster of the facial nerve (Ramsay Hunt syndrome*Tumors including acoustic neuroma, schwannoma, cholesteatoma, parotid tumors, and glomus tumors*Toxins due to alcoholism or carbon monoxide poisoning*Bell’s palsy, which is also called idiopathic facial nerve paralysis is sometimes associated with diabetes mellitus or pregnancy

How are the causes of facial nerve dysfunction diagnosed?

Causes of facial nerve disorder vary from unknown to life threatening. Sometimes, there is a specific treatment for the problem. Accordingly, it is important to investigate why the problem has occurred. The specific tests used for diagnosis will vary from patient to patient, but include: Hearing tests: Hearing tests are done to assess the status of the auditory nerve. The stapedial reflex test can evaluate the branch of the facial nerve that supplies motor fibers to one of the muscles in the middle ear. Balance tests: Will help find out if part of the auditory nerve is involved. Tear tests: The loss of the ability to form tears may help to locate the site and severity of a facial nerve lesion. Taste tests: The loss of taste in the front of the tongue may help locate the site and severity of a facial nerve lesion.Salivat ion test: Decreased flow of saliva may help locate the site and severity of a facial nerve lesion. Imaging studies: These tests help determine if there is infection, a tumor, a bone fracture, or any other abnormality. These studies usually include a CT scan and/or a MRI scan. Electrical nerve stimulation tests: Stimulation of the nerve by an electrical current tests whether the nerve can still cause muscles to contract. It can be used to evaluate progression of the disease. For example, if testing indicates equal muscle response on both sides of the face, the patient can be expected to have complete return of facial function in three to six weeks without any deformity

Question On TQMS

Question sent by a senior citizen of 70 years in mail to the President Omni Health Foundation.
I have been contemplating on the following issues for some time, but I have not been able to firm up my mind. Kindly guide me. ‘When one is a young lad, the driving force for him is to attain academic excellence. When he becomes adolescent and educated but in-experienced in worldly affairs, he searches for an appropriate service; and continues pursuing his livelihood for a considerable long period. At that juncture, the driving force is aimed to attain a reasonably high position, comfortable and contended family life. Thereafter, when all commitments are by and large met, then what should be the specific driving force for such remainder span of life, which is uncertain, unsupportive to certain extent by the busy worldly society and especially at the juncture when one is not so physically capable, emotionally not very strong and attached thereto.’
In other words, whether the ancient wisdom of four stages/periods of one’s life, namely Bramhacharya, Garhastya, Sanyas and Vanaprastha, should be applied in the present day world ? If the answer is in the affirmative, then the problem is how to resolve the last two stages of one’s life, especially the last one, where the person is required not only to be the recluse but also abandon the house, society and go to ‘VANA’ without any belongings etc. My emphasis is on the first query as mentioned above.’

The Answer

The issue as raised by you has two specific dimensions -one the latter part is generic involving validity of classical four ashram concept and former relates to contextual interpretation of subjective nature. I shall take these in the order of generic first and subjective later thus reversing the order. as mentioned by you.

Classical four

Ashram concept is often misinterpreted to demarcate life span in twenty five years cycle devoted to each Ashram. It is really not so. The four ashrams are compartmentalized with regard to dominant characteric as applicable to particular phase of life cycle – preparatory / settled/matured/transitory. These are with their dominant characteristic reiterative in all stages of life cycle for maintaining the balance in vertical as well as horizontal growth in the journey from generation to elimination. To illustrate, there is abstinence in Brahmcharya/Grahasth/Banprasth/Sanyas.There is struggle typical dominance of Grahasth in other three ashrams. Similarly Altruism which marks the Banprasth is inherent in other three and then Detachment , the distinguishing feature of Sanyas is present in other three. Fulfillment of man and womanhood is complete where in these four in totality – abstinence/struggle/altruism/detachment are actualized in day today callings. And this is the essence of practical KARMA philosophy. Therefore progressive demarcation into four ashrams is indicative of specific dominance in developmental growth and not indicative of exclusion of any of dominant features of particular ashram. The scheme of things is holistic. and accordingly integrative.

Now the specific dimension

Stay where you are/recreate /yourself/your surroundings/your relationships/your day to day callings in abstinent struggle oriented altruistic and detached ways. More we will deliberate when one to one. Pl practice TAP, the penance nonattached which signifies love one and love all with no expectation of any return. You are welcome to continue the interaction preferable is one to one. I am mobile 09582804820. Pl seek appointment for personal interaction to manage time. Thanks and affectionate regards. God bless!
Prof OP Sharma/President Omni Health Foundation

Need of Self Empowerment

We provide here a typical case study from our inventory on Self Esteem. Self esteem which we deliberate as ‘Collar Up. Collar up is the first item on our success agenda for self-empowerment. Collar up signifies self concept of ‘being somebody What do people think about yourself is not so important as what you think about your own self. It comprises feeling of competence, autonomy, dominance, strength, achievement /its acquisition /retention/up gradation. Esteem from others through recognition, attention, importance, appreciation, reputation, prestige, status, power and authority.

Shreya’s Issue

Shreya 23 years, employed in a limited company, was introduced to us through one of her friends Manish who had attended our 3 days TQMS workshop and that he and Shreya were co- workers in the same company. We were told by him ‘Shreya always seemed to be down on her abilities and appearance. For some reason she did not look as good to herself as she did to others. If Shreya were to rate herself image on a scale of one to ten, her rating would be three or four’ Shreya when in our office was interviewed by our counselor .Briefly Shreya narrated that Her low rating was partially due to the fact that Shreya honestly believed that her parents did not expect her to achieve as much as her older sister who was always a good student and school leader. Another reason was that Shreya seldom stuck up for herself at work or during family situations. Rather than communicating her true feelings, she usually just walked away. Shreya, in her first job since leaving school, was underemployed based on her abilities and skills. If her self esteem had been higher, management would have provided several promotional opportunities in the past three years. Our assessment tool rated her 3 on a ten point scale. She was issued with a copy of our publication ’EMPOWERING SELF FOR SUCCESS- 8 POINT AGENDA FOR SUCCESS FOR ALL for self work ’ We assisted Shreya through counseling/consultation/training through critical incidents reporting and analysis under three stages – one to see; two to judge; three to act to go about building her self-esteem to a higher level?

The Solution

We sat with her and counseled her to work on her physical image through ”investment” in grooming to feel good about herself. Our emphatic note was that first Shreya was to learn to love herself and the do everything in showing this love to herself in all her endeavors be it bearing and or day today conduct. Exemplary had to be the watch word. We then assisted her in having and keeping more social contacts.. In our one to one and one to much interaction we got her to open up and talk more to others on a wide variety of subjects. Our follow up module included advising Shreya to talk with her supervisor about steps she could take to make her more promotable. She did the same and picked up confidence in performing diverse tasks in her company. Often we gave Shreya many compliments to help her build a higher self-esteem. Also we recommended her to take a course in public speaking that she did. Shreya worked on action plan as advised with close monitoring and behavior modeling by us frequently over six months. The result was that in next appraisal she got salary raise as well as higher designation. We received ‘Thank you ‘ card from her.
Now she is happily married and settled well as deputy manager in her division in the same company.