Assessment Tools

DISHA Assessment & Development  Center

We are a team of professionals specialized in the area of assessment and development with rich experience in the field of management education and training. We claim exclusiveness in preparing individuals for achieving their set objectives through self management module – PRIDE. Our learning lab Omni 3 L- leaning lab for life skills focuses on mental/social/application factors through interactive methodology Our assessment process is   developmental and not eliminative in its orientation.

Assessment Tools
Holistic Profiling for Prognosis/diagnosis/therapeutic intervention

Pathological/psychological/behavioral/ multidimensional /general and special clinical tests including mutation sequencing for holistic profiling: of body/ mind/soul in all six dimensions-physical endurance/emotional maturity/intellectual enlightenment/aesthetic development/moral soundness/spiritual inclination

We work on two specifics: One for all and other for school health review .

These have been designed based on our empirical case studies over last twenty years by select team members.