Three Dimensional Focus 

  • Three components of personality; the body one; the mind two and the soul three
  • Three professionals; the Scientists including technologists one; the Clinicians two and Educationists including human resource developers three.
  • Three systems; wisdom oriented contemplation one; Devotional commitment two and Dutiful conduct three
  • Three paradigms; Redefining Health being holistic one; broad spectrum of strategy two and Integration three
  • Three issues; Technology one; Ethics including legal and social issues two and Education including developmental training three
  • Three methods; Screening one; consultation two and therapeutic intervention including referral three
  • Three empowering innovations for health management; DiSHA (Development through Integrated Systems for Holistic Achievement one; TQMS (Total Quality Management of Self) two and PRIDE (Performance Results for individual Development through their Evaluation) three
  • Three philosophical tenets; We are in the image of God one; Self is the cause and self is the effect two and union of  ‘can ‘and ‘will ‘three
  • Three letters; A for Attitude one; B for Behavior two and C for Character three
  • Three self referral instruments; observation one; perception two and intuition three
  • Three letters in logo; O for Omni one; H for Health two and F for Foundation three
  • Three colors in logo; Pink one; Blue two and yellow three
  • Three locations; New Delhi one; Hyderabad two and Chennai three