3 November 2015 Remember that you are like other men. As you fear and suffer, so do they. Therefore do not do those things which will give them trouble. As you would not harm yourself do not harm others. Whatever you would want them to do to you, do even so unto them. One should love his neighbor as himself.... For Action Review click here.

30 October 2015 Five team members including the President of GNARLY T 5 visited tou President with the proposal for scheduling workshops for Regional Volunteers from all over on TQM-S in December at New Delhi. The deliberations concluded with the message in answering the question as to what is the single factor for effective leadership role .... For Action Review click here.

17 October 2015 Award function to felicitate Satyarth for demonstrated excellence in HASYA KAVI SAMMELAN at inter school competition in Hyderabad..... For Action Review click here.

17 August 2015 Project D.I.S.H.A is formally extended to Picasso Animation College (constituent college of MUIT ) at Maharishi Nagar NOIDA (UP) PAC Maharishi Nagar is the first dedicated university campus to ANIMATION and VFX in India. For Action Review click here.

26 July 2015 Celebrating A DECADE JOURNEY of OP D.I.S.H.A in releasing first publication of Omni Health Foundation this day of 26 Jul 15 coinciding with 21 st Birthday of Architect in the making GRAND SON Ushmey Nangia.

07 JUL 2015 Patron Advocate Ms Nirmal Sharma introduces regular addition for inclusion of illustrative quotes on VALUES

28 May -17 Jun 2015 GLOBAL CONNECT ;Secretary Dr PK Kaushik in UK and U S A

17 June 2015 OHF contributes to scientific research on SLEEP DEPRAVATION as member of Community of Molecular biology and bio tech companies,students.researchers.

12 May 2015 Director Vandana Nangia posts on the the blog her thoughts on Inclusive Education that sh has been sharing to teachers and parents during her workshops and seminars more particularly with reference to Managing Autism.

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