About OHF

OHF’s (Omni Health Foundation) prime aim is to  promote the holistic health meaning thereby physical endurance; emotional maturity; intellectual enlightenment; aesthetic development; moral soundness and spiritual inclination amongst all segment of population through prognosis /diagnosis/therapeutic advisory referral  intervention with the help of conventional and update technological systems  by employing different methodologies of education/ training/ consultation/ counseling/ therapeutic intervention  including assessment tools and laboratory systems for all six dimensions of holistic health and inter-alia  facilitate the fulfillment of the

Our Quotes

The only time u run out of chance is when you stop taking them

There will never be another now;there will never be an other you..make most of both.

Making a living is not the same as making a life

Every exit is an entrance to some other place.

Never let a problem be an excuse.

Decision making is easy if there are no contradictions in your value system.