OHF’s (Omni Health Foundation) prime aim is to  promote the holistic health meaning thereby physical endurance; emotional maturity; intellectual enlightenment; aesthetic development; moral soundness and spiritual inclination amongst all segment of population through prognosis /diagnosis/therapeutic advisory referral  intervention with the help of conventional and update technological systems  by employing different methodologies of education/ training/ consultation/ counseling/ therapeutic intervention  including assessment tools and laboratory systems for all six dimensions of holistic health and inter-alia  facilitate the fulfillment of the  objectives.


Health is a state of complete well being and not only absence of disease and infirmity .DIS EASE – DIS HARMONY- DIS PAIR – DIS ORDER – DIS PLACEMENT – DISILLUSIONMENT – DESTRUCTION – DIS ASTER – DIS SOLUTION and all other Dis(s) are attributable to our deficiency of a natural constituent in our SELF

Development through Integrated Systems for Holistic Achievement


Six behavioral dimensions of holistic self image.

Physical Endurance-Emotional maturity-Intellectual Enlightenment-Aesthetic bloom-Moral soundness-Spiritual inclination


Understanding self-including where one is with reference to Whole man profile to be able to aspire for holistic achievement

*Intellectual contemplation/Devotional commitment/Dutiful conduct
* Know thyself   *Self Audit    * P.R.I.D.E

P-R-I-D-E.: For empowering self for success we have evolved eight point agenda for all. The module is christened P-R-I-D-E (Performance Results for Individual Development and their evaluation). The P-R-I-D-E module has eight points.  These 8 points are interlinked with the specific issues related to A-Attitude, B-Behaviour, and C-Character.  The thrust is on turning round of all the three – ABC.  These 8 points are: Holistic Health; Collar up; Lens; Competitive Edge; Top Skill; Thumbs up; Do it now; Saying No.


Behavioral Development postulates:

–     Absence of deficits in behavioral skills.

–     Absence of weaknesses in behavioral skills.

–     Absence of debilitating anxiety reactions.

–     Capacity to relax.

–     Ability to assert oneself.

–     Capacity of self-control by shaping environmental consequences.

–     Capacity for self-control by cognitive self-regulation.

–     Adequacy as a behavioral model.

Wellness / Collar-up/Lens/Competitive Edge/Top Skill/ Thumbs up /Saying no / Do it now

We got to upgrade our self in these specific areas of our module P-R-I-D-E : -Performance Results for Individual Development through evaluation


Prognosis / Diagnosis/Remedial/Developmental Profiling through assessment tools followed by specific strategic methodology for Education / Training/Consultation/Counseling and Follow up therapy with continued intervention

Profiling for Prognosis/diagnosis//therapeutic intervention

Pathological//psychological//behavioral multidimensional general and special clinical tests including mutation sequencing for holistic profiling: of body/ mind-/soul


Education reviewed

Developments Training

Consultation /Counseling  / Referral Follow up therapy with continued intervention on informed consent