School Health

The acronym RBI when expanded reads R for Redefining Health/B for Broad spectrum of focus/I for Integrated accountability. Let us review the preview of the foundation to assimilate these three paradigms .We in the foundation view health as wholeness. In Sanskrit, the word for health is SWATHYA – from SWA, the Self and STHYA meaning established. So a healthy individual is one who is established in the Self for actualizing g his own self fully with no DIS -DIS EASE – DIS HARMONY- DIS PAIR – DIS ORDER – DIS PLACEMENT – DIS ILLUSIONMENT – DIS TRUCTION – DIS ASTER – DIS SOLUTION and all other Dis (s) that are attributable to our deficiency of natural constituent in our SELF. Self is all energy bubbling with joy in living life with dignity and working to facilitate similar dignified living for others. It is holistic all the way. The fragmented approach as is practiced today includes the use of pharmaceutical drugs and other diagnostic and surgical technologies that work in isolation from its holistic basis in self –referral consciousness which is the actualization of total potentiality already inherent in us . The current fragmented health practices are effective in restoration of health but not in restoring and or balancing the natural and normalcy of total health A balanced physiology means that all aspects of body, mind. soul reflected in our behavior (the whole field of emotion, thought, speech and action) are fully integrated. This is preventive mechanism of natural laws governing health holistically. This holistic approach offers to re-establish balance between the body, own inner intelligence surfacing in total consciousness .Truly in this world nothing is so purifying as knowledge of integration./He who is perfected in yoga of himself in time finds all this within himself. Our foundation works to integrate body/mind /soul all three to synergize for total fulfillment in life. Omni health is to foster Development through Integrated Systems for Holistic Achievement – D.I.S.H.A. DISHA a Hindi word meaning thereby direction is our central focus.

Let us deliberate on the concepts and processes involved in these five alphabets. We take these in reverse order for vivid reflection.

First A for Achievement

Goal/Role/Purpose/Objectives/Results all suggest the destination for our individual/personal/organizational profile. The destination is to live life king size .King is what king does for self actualization / for all happiness. Name and Fame are consequential gain. Living life King size signifies the sense of dignity,lordiness,independence with flair of interdependence, autonomy, actualization, fulfillment, contentment, happiness with proportionately greater sense of responsiveness for the obligations enjoined on the individual who prefers to live life king size. This reflects synergy created with the combination of ‘Can’ and ‘Will’ attitude. It is demonstrative of fortitude to meet challenges with a smile. Leadership .profile is built-in for living life king size. It is leading by example as a model role-play in a holistic frame for others to follow. King is what king does so is the man and woman of action living life king size. The bottom line is ‘Win Win’ situation now and always, here and there in all settings with all people at all times. There is nothing which each one of us cannot do. All are made in the mould of Godliness and Self is the cause and self is the effect are our philosophical derivatives for behavioral application.

Second letter H for Holistic

Six behavioral dimensions of holistic self image: Physical Endurance-Emotional maturity-Intellectual Enlightenment-Aesthetic bloom-Moral soundness-Spiritual inclination. These six are the integral of three components of our being- Body/Mind/Soul

Third letter S the for Systems

Understanding self including where one is with reference to Whole man profile to be able to aspire for holistic achievement through self audit by Intellectual contemplation/Devotional commitment/Dutiful conduct .More important than the systems is the exemplary behaviour of the functionaries at all level in management- functional; directional and conceptual. Even if one talks of the highest values in the most efficient manner and in actual life he is guilty of misconduct, all his preaching will result in nothing. On the contrary, the noble character and exemplary behaviour will provide enough incentive to the people around to develop positive values of life. Value management is not a sphere of activity distinct from other professional activities Value acquisition goes on constantly Values are transmitted through the general tone of the functional unit and the so-called hidden agenda It is important, therefore, that all order their behaviour in accordance with the highest standards of ethics of the profession. Exemplary is the watch word..For empowering self for success we have evolved eight point agenda for all. The module is christened P-R-I-D-E (Performance Results for Individual Development and their evaluation). The P-R-I-D-E module has eight points. These 8 points are interlinked with the specific issues related to A-Attitude, B-Behavior, C-Character. The thrust is on turning round all the three – ABC. These 8 points are: Holistic Health; Collar up – Self Esteem; Lens – the way of looking at life: Competitive Edge – Excellence and Creativity: Top Skill- communication: Thumbs up- Human Relationship; Do it now- Time Management; Saying ‘No – Assertiveness.

Fourth Letter I for Integration

Prognosis / diagnosis/Remedial/Developmental Profiling through assessment tools including mutation followed by specific strategic methodology for Education / Training/Consultation/Counseling and Follow up therapy with continued intervention on informed consent / Profiling for prognosis/diagnosis//therapeutic intervention: Pathological//psychological//behavioral multidimensional general and special clinical tests including genomic/omic sequencing/scan for holistic profiling of body/ mind-/soul Intervention through Education and Developmental Training: Consultaion /Counseling / Referral Follow up therapy with continued intervention on informed consent

Last Letter D for Development

Development postulates absence of deficits in behavioral skills/absence of weaknesses in behavioral skills/absence of debilitating anxiety reactions/capacity to relax/ability to assert oneself/capacity of self-control by shaping environmental consequences/capacity for self-control by cognitive self-regulation/adequacy as a behavioral model. We got to upgrade our self in the eight specific areas of our module P.R.I.D.E All development is a matter of education and training. We will revert on specifics in the Epilogue..