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A Pioneer venture in the field of education, UCSKM Public School aims to provide high value, career oriented and Quality based education to the students. The Institute is a Co-educational, English medium School from LKG to class XII, with a strength of about 2000 students ,affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The School provides healthy atmosphere to the students & is very vigilant in imparting knowledge with latest methods of teaching & techniques. Today after 16 years, the school stands as a landmark to impart the best education and to inculcate values and moral ethics among the students .UCSKM Public School was established in the year 1998 by the efforts of Col. P.S. Satsangi , a renowned academician & a Social Worker , with an aim to provide the students all the opportunities to develop their all round personalities so that they excel in every field and face each competition in life with confidence and courage. The school, located in the backdrops of beautiful Aravali landscape of Bhiwadi, just 30 km from Gurgaon has the atmosphere of a hill station. The lush green school campus is situated in approximately 10 acres of land and it’s ….. facaded building adds a charm to the atmosphere and merges with the general style of the campus.


To transform the knowledge worker into a wisdom worker who leads life dominated by intense life patterns, whose knowledge is finally subjective, who focuses on control over oneself and control over others in same proportion, who is usually humble but truly effective, who is much more duty conscious, who sincerely and accurately assimilates the oriental and modern thoughts, who subordinates personal interests to wider and bigger interests, who views life and progress cyclically, who treads in durability and who befriends and embraces nature. The institute is engaged in the area of executing the projects related to the promotion and development of human values in the society over last 36 years. The thrust has been on turning around the personality of the people. Our belief is Total Quality Management of Self- TQMS..The prime aim of NIHV is the value orientation for intellectual renewal for role effectiveness in all sectors of human activity- be it educational, professional, social, political, economic, administrative, industrial, religious, spiritual, fictional, directional, conceptual, governmental, nongovernmental, rural, urban. semi urban infect all .


The vision of MUIT is to transform the potentiality of each student into actuality through Creative Intelligence. Enhancing the employability potential is the thrust focus in the vision of MUIT.The Mission is to facilitate the process of education and training to let each student grow into a whole man who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectually enlightened, aesthetically developed.Meeting these commitments in resonance with the scenario, Maharishi University seeks to Develop *A globally renowned university for outstanding academic programs that foster active students participation through applied learning, research and social service.*A recognized hub for rigorous academic teaching, innovative research and quality publications in journals of international repute.*A nationally recognized and socially meaningful podium of knowledge generation and dissemination.*A vibrant hub of cultural, extra curricular activities and sports, where students from vastly different back grounds collaborate.


SSS is an initiative by the team of FIVE at a Centre for Child Development based in India . We have started this venture with the objective of sharing comprehensive information and support to parents, teachers, students, educational personnel, and health professionals involved in the field of Child Development. This is a gateway to an abundance of child development oriented information organized in order to make it easy for users to find and use. We intend to provide various features in the site, which will enhance the user’s experience.Interalia the aim is to educate and provide emotional and psychological support to the parents of children with disabilities and follow up developmental issues. The projects include *Joining Hands *Parent support group*Sarthi Disha*Sarthi Shiksha *Different Strokes.


Its name arises from the global need of preserving humanity, optimizing the way of justice and performance improvement for culture and tradition benignly. GNARLY (Challenging) objectives with the troop (who are committed to great jobs) to promote healthy living among the people who are literate but not wise for others & to combat indifference, intolerance and injustice through international dialogue and youth-focused multiple programs both domestically and internationally that promote acceptance, understanding and equality. The Gnarly Troop Foundation is an international NGO whose first vision is to focus on downtrodden children with desperately needed academic tutoring, pre-vocational training, and social and emotional support. The goal of foundation is to provide the opportunities technically & strategically to overcome early educational inequality and then their participation fully in building Gnarly society. It is developing research analysis to set a benchmark in many areas to oversee each Gnarly Troop member country. Multinational talented management team will effectively cater for the interest and purpose for which it was formed with association of students’ power and many eminent personalities of the world.


Our mission is to enhance awareness amongst the masses on preventive, predictive genetic& genomic testing, which will help one address monitor and maintain wellness and not be caught unawares by illness. This will include services to help customers assess their disease risk based on their personal and family history, identify tests that can guide their health and wellness decisions, interpret the results of genetic/genomic/other tests, control the privacy of information, and communicate relevant information. And to  move towards health genomics in a broader sense (animal and plant health inclusive) in the long run, and also engage in genetic/tissue banking particularly in India. This will help in preventing various genetic, critical and chronic diseases at the earliest stage possible in turn to reduce the overall cost of healthcare throughout the country. In addition, with the costs of genomic sequencing rapidly coming down we hope to capitalize on the trends to offer whole genome sequencing in the sub one lac category from the current pricing – also improving the access of this valuable technology to benefit health and wellness of all. The vision of wellomics is to pioneer the convergence of DNA & RNA sequencing, Digital Sensors and Big Data Analytics for universal health and wellness. With expertise in all the three areas, we hope to usher in a new chapter in the health industry in India and the developing world.


Anuradha Prakashan, the publishing house of long standing of a decade has been engaged in the area of publication of books/magazine/newspaper besides taking on the jobs from various organizations for their miscellaneous publications. Anuradha Prakashan has the privilege of distinguished patronage of eminent author / poet/ educationist / behavioral scientist Professor Group Captain O.P. Sharma From the Commencement of its publication. TodayAnuradha Prakashan is sought for quality production by a large number of authors/ poets of eminence. The two star – publications of Anuradha Prakashan are – ‘UTKARSH MAIL’ a fortnightly for national resurgence & a monthly ‘Om Sri Khatu Shyam Sharnam’ magazine dedicated to behavioural spirituality. The publishing house has a division ‘Comugraphix dealing with IT related work including Horoscope preparation and consultation thereto.The publications are available across the counter as well as on line @amazon.in and @flipcart.com


3 L Learning Lab for Life Skills Personality Assessment &Development Centre – 3 L PADC believes in Quality Management in Education. It develops each participant as a complete person, a person who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectually enlightened, aesthetically developed, morally sound and spiritually inclined. PADC’s strategy is PRIDE — Performance Results for Individual Development through Evaluation. The methodology includes interalia * Introspection • Role Play*• Reflection • Group Problem Solving• Interactive Lectures •Social Enquiry• Group Discussion •Orientation & Awareness• Case Study • Feedback and reorientation are developmental and not eliminative in our measurement and evaluation. The book Empowering self for success – 8 pt success agenda for all is the classic publication of 3L PADC providing self developmental module to all who prefer to live life with dignity. 


Mahajan Imaging has a dynamic background of bringing new and advanced technology into the country. Mahajan Imaging is involved in advanced clinical and applied research and has created benchmarks into this field. Mahajan Imaging has a history of bringing new technologies into the private sector in the countrylike standing weight bearing MRI, Cone Beam Dental CT, functional MRI, MR tractography, MR mammography, CT coronary angiography, 4D ultrasound with tomography, PET-CT, CT-guided robotic biopsy, digital mammography and DEXA bone densitometry. Continuing the said trend, they have recently installed Asia’s 1st Silent MRI technology and India’s first Dual Energy Spectral CT Scanner with the most advances cardiac imaging capabilities in the world. There are currently six centres in New Delhi, with the standalone centres in Hauz Khas and the latest facility in Defence Colony. Mahajan Imaging is also involved in advanced clinical and applied research and their partners include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India and so on….Mahajan Imaging is empanelled with many organizations of long standing and of eminence